Native American Storytellers

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Native American Storytellers

Native American Storytellers

Making a connection with music & soundAs a way to heighten the senses and encourage a deeper feeling of interconnectedness between tribal members and their environment, when these stories were told, they were often accompanied with song, music, spoken word, and dance.

STORYTELLINGHistory comes alive!!Each time a story was told, it breathed life into the culture, cultivated their verbal language, gave meaning to the tribe’s history, and also taught life lessons about things like love, leadership, and honor, as well as their symbiotic connection to the earth & intimate relationships with the animals they depended on.

Barbara Levy, Quechan TribeFamous Indian Storyteller and doll maker. She teaches Quechan language weekly at Fort Yuma Reservation.Shumup Ko Hup"Dream Come True"

These powerful tales, often told by the tribal elders to the younger generations, not only related their tribal history; these tribal stories also entertained and preserved their culture.

Music has always played a hugely important part in Native American culture. The use of song and dance has been ingrained in their culture for centuries. Many Indians believed that music came to them in their dreams, and it was acted out upon awakening when performed in song. There were various instruments used in Indian music, including various drums, rattlers, whistles, horns, and reed instruments.

Storytelling Drummers


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