Native American Religion

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Native American Religion

Native American Religion

Native American Religion is a subject that covers a wide range of beliefs, ceremonies, and practices of the Native Americans. All Native American religions are revolved around natural things. Natural things such as animals, plants, the Sun, the Moon, the rivers, and rocks are important to the beliefs of Native Americans. In their religion each person is connected with a spirit, The Great Spirit. The Great Spirit is as the God to them, the highest. To connect with the Great Spirit a person must go to the Shaman, the healer. The Shaman acts as the communicater between the person and the Great Spirit. The Shaman is also believed to cleanse a person from being sick.

Within the Native American Religion there are many beliefs practiced. Some enclude: Animism: the belief that all natural things have a soul, Medicine Man: healer, Herbalism: herbal medicine, Animal Spirit: a person walks through life with another to teach them, and Vision Quest: the ability to see what the future holds. Ceremonies are also as important to the Native American Religion as the beliefs practices. Each ceremony has its own honor that is to be given. The ceremony may honor the Great Spirit or an animal. At the ceremonies the people would gather to dance, feast, and perform certain dances.

Through their religion the Native Amerians find peace, allowing them to them to know who they are and what their purpose is here on Earth.

By Renae Stahl


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