[2014] jperez21098 (American Literature): Native American Myths: How the Earth Was Created

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[2014] jperez21098 (American Literature): Native American Myths: How the Earth Was Created

Native American Myths: How the Earth Was Created

The next day, he went to the same place that Dibe and he met. He was waiting for hours, until Dibe show up walking to the same direction. When Dibe saw him, she felt completely in love with Nastas, disguise as a coyote. Nastas told her that his name was Ma’ii, the great coyote from the moon. They spent all day and afternoon together. When the moon began to rise in the horizon, they went to Dibe’s house and Nastas kisses her. Immediately, Nastas felt amazing strength and tremendous intelligence. He took off his disguise and told her that he was not Ma’ii but he was Nastas. Dibe began to cry because she felt tricked by Nastas. Ye’iitsoh went outside the house to see what was going wrong. When Ye’iitsoh knew that Nastas played a trick on Dibe, he became so mad, that he transformed himself into a big sandstorm and transformed Nastas into a coyote forever. Ye’iitsoh began to chase the coyote. While he was chasing the coyote, he would leave a trail to sand, creating the soil that we step on everyday. The coyote said: “I will run day and night until you stop chasing me.” Ye’iitsoh became madder and started to throw rocks at the coyote, forming mountains and hills. And every time Ye’iitsoh sweated, he created rivers filled with water. The coyote hid in a cave that Ye’iitsoh was not able of entering. Then Ye’iitsoh swore to the coyote that he was going to chase him every day and night until he catches him. But every day and night, he failed at his attempt because the coyote had the intelligence to figure an escape and the strength to run forever. But at the end, Ye’iitsoh created something else unconsciously while he was chasing the coyote: the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

One day, his daughter Dibe, was walking through the forest when she stumbles with Nastas, a spirit that had a reputation of being a trickster. She was scared because her father told her not to talk to him. The big and scary spirit told her that she should be more careful, because someone could take advantage from her. He tried to convince her that he was a good spirit, but she did not listened to him. After failing in his attempt to kiss her, he went to his house and tried to make a costume so he could disguise himself as a spirit of a coyote.

In a kingdom beyond the stars and the Sun, there was a Chief called Ye'iitsoh that was the ruler of everything. He can create and control everything that he wanted. Ye’iitsoh had a daughter called Dibe. Some say that her kiss can bring intelligence and strength to the fortunate one that kisses her. Every spirit in the kingdom wanted to kiss her just for the powers.


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