Native American Culture

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Native American Culture

The Native Americans have lived in this region for hundreds of years, before any other people lived here. They suffered greatly from disease and assimilation. During the westward movement in America, many Native American tribes were pushed off their land and stripped of their culture. Several tribes resisted and uprisings occurred. The last major uprising occurred with the Sioux Indians at the Battle of Wounded Knee.

Standing Rock:Lakota/Dakotah/Nakotah13,900 membersTurtle Mountain:Chippewa29,161 membersFort Berthold:Three Affiliated Tribes10,400 membersSpirit Lake:Dakota/Lakotah4,900 members

Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara)SiouxChippewa, Cree, Metis

Native Americans



The Native American population makes up 5.4% of North Dakota's population according to the 2013 census. There are about 32,000 American Indians living in ND.


Native Americans in ND United Tribes Powwow InformationUND Wacipi Powwow InformationSioux Language

The Native American culture is still very strong. Every year, North Dakota has several Powwows to showcase and celebrate the culture.



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