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Native American Culture

Some Information About American Indians/Alaska Natives...1) A blend of traditions, traditional spirtual practices, and/or mainstream faiths may coexist. It is best to inquire about an individual's faith or beliefs instead of making assumptions, but be aware that many AI/AN spirtual beliefs and practices are considered sacred and are not to be shared publicly or with outsiders. 2) It may be considered disloyal or disrespectful to speak negatively about another person. 3) Getting messages across through telling a story (traditional teachings and personal stories) is very common and sometimes in contrast with the "get to the point" frame of mind in non-AI/AN society. 4) AI/AN people may look down to show respect or deference to elders, or ignoring an individual to show disagreement or displeasure. 5) Prior to making contact with a community, examine your own belief system about AI/AN people related to social issues, such as mental health stigma, poverty, teen suicide, and drug or alcohol use. Reference: Culture Card. SAMHSA, Aug. 2010. PDF.

At the Native American Studies Center there is 6,500 sq. feet of gallery space. Clothing, photography, artifacts, pottery, and much more.

My cultural immersion project was on Native American culture, specifically the Catawba Indian Tribe.

The history of Native Americans

Me as a child, with Cherokee Tribe members...this and the story of the Pilgrims and Indians was really the only knowledge I had at that time.

Archeology Lab at Native American Center...artifacts and pottery from 500-1200 A.D.

References: 2012. Photograph Native American Studies Center, Lancaster, South Carolina. Native American Studies Center. University of South Carolina Lancaster. Web. 16 Feb. 2014. ."Trail of History Catawba Heritage." YouTube. YouTube, 05 Oct. 2010. Web. 16 Feb. 2014. .

I visited the Native American Studies Center at the University at South Carolina Lancaster.


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