Native American Culture Activity: The Sioux Tribe

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 Native American Culture Activity: The Sioux Tribe

The Sioux ate buffalo, bear, deer, antelope, turkey and hens. They also shared their food with the whole tribe. There clothes were made from animal skins. With the women wearing long dresses and leggings. The men wore deerskin shirts and tight leggings. The clothes were often decorated with colorful bead and quill embroidery. Feathers, shells, animal claws, animal teeth, and paint could be found in the design and decoration. Moccasins were worn for shoes. There popular dish was fry bread. Some Indian clothing still is worn today.

The Sioux’s Culture is really unique. Their children were really important to them, they called them "Wakanisha" (meaning sacred). They were hardly ever punished. Children remain very high in their family, even today. Male and female roles were very traditional. Men were the providers. They hunted while the women worked at home. Polygamy was common during that time. There was more women than men usually in the tribe. One Indian could kill a buffalo to provide for many women. Thats how they picked up more wives. Present there is no more Polygamy in the tribe.

The Sioux Tribe.

The Black Hills is a very sacred place for the Sioux. The Legend says that when the universe was created that a song was created for it. Each part of the universe was given a piece of the song. In the Black Hills this song can be found in its entirety. This is why many Sioux go to the Black Hills each year for their Vision Quests. The Black Hills are believed to be the center of the universe by the Sioux culture.

They also believe in "White Buffalo Calf Maiden." She appeared first as a human form, but was also a White Buffalo. She taught the Sioux that those who live in ignorance and have evil in their hearts might be destroyed by their own actions. She also brought the sacred pipe. Seven ceremonies were suppose to be practiced with this pipe. The ‘White Buffalo Calf Maiden” taught Sioux a lot about spirituality. The seven ceremonies they practiced were “Keeping the Soul”, “Sweat Lodge Ceremony”/“Rite of Purification”, “Vision Quest”, “Sun Dance”, “ Making Relatives”, “Preparation of Womanhood”, and “Throwing the Ball”.

Religion is also a big part of Sioux tribe. The Sioux are really spiritual. Some practice Christianity, while others are more traditional. Traditional beliefs are the belief in one all-powerful god, Wakan Tanka, or the Great Mystery. They believe Wakan Tanka created all things, and that everything has a spirit.



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