Native Amazonians

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Native Amazonians

Native Amazonians

Native Amazonians live off of what the rainforest supplises them with. Without that resource for them, they would eventually die out and their culture would be done and forgotten. There are only 140,000 left out of the millions that used to live in their own, unque culture. Because they were at the rainforest first, they should get more protected areas for them and future generations to thrive in the grand 2.6 million square mile Amazon Rainforest. Because they were at the rainforest first 20,000 years ago, they want to be legal owners of their homelands.


The settlers of the Amazon rainforest have been destroying the natives' way of life ever since they came to the forest in the 1960's. They are ruining the Amazonians' home land by doing harmful things to the environment such as some cutting down trees illegally, and using illegal fishing methods. Also, their interactions with the native people cause problems to arise. Settlers can bring disease and cause disputes over land.


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