National Youth Administration

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National Youth Administration

National Youth Administration

Goals of the NYA:Were to help young people learn new skills and talents, while helping them stay in school and college.

The NYA was in existance from 1935 and ended in September of 1943. It was part of the Seconde New Deal

The National Youth Administration impacted 16-24 year olds.

The National Youth Administration is a program that works together in with a large range of public and private schools. It was established in June of 1935, and was dissolved in September of 1943.The main goal of this program is to work with the youth of America to help them during the 1930’s. It was built around the concept of improving the kids social and personal skills. This program affected about 2.1 million people. This program affected 16-24 year olds in particular, and impacted nearly everyone in the U.S. The NYA was associated with the Second New Deal. I would consider the NYA to be a fairly successful group for the time period. The NYA brought desperately needed relief to a vital sector of the American population at minimal expense. It brought jobs to millions of young Americans throughout the late 30’s and early 40’s. The cost of in school enrollees was approximately 75 dollars per student, for out of school enrollees the program costed the government about 225 dollars annually. Overall I think the NYA was a successful program. It helped many young americans during the Great Depression. If it wasn’t for the NYA, America wouldn’t be where they are today. Thanks to the NYA, the future of America was saved. The youth back in the Great Depression, are the elderly people of today. They have made a huge impact on all of our lives. Thats why I think the NYA was a extremely successful program.

50% of americans between 16-24 were unemployed and dropping out school

NYA poloices evoled- student recived career guidence, job training, cutral and educational enrichment

Eleanor Roosevlet-"It is a question of the right to work," she said, "and the right to work should know no color lines."

Women in a typing class run by the NYA

Men learning new skills in a class ran by the NYA

A poster that was posted around the U.S to promote the NYA , and to show it was for both men and women.


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