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National Treasure

National Treasure

>Protagonists: The central character in a literary work around whom the main conflicts revolves.> Ben Gates

>Antagonist: Person or force who opposes the central character. > Ian Howe (Blonde)

>Dynamic Character: Character who grows and changes during the story.> Abigail Chase

>Setting:Time and place of the Action. >Arctic Circle, National Archives Building, Philadelphia PA, and New York City (Under Trinity Church)

>Climax: The moment of highest emotional intensity within a plot.>The climax in Natioanl Treasure is when Ben finally finds the treasure.

>Conflicts: Struggle between two opposing forces.>The conflict is Ian is going to steal the Declaration of Independence and Ben is out to stop him in anyway he can.

> Suspense: The quality in a literary work that makes the reader or audience uncertain or the about what is to come next. >A very suspensful scene happens when Shaw falls through the staircase and the stairs start to fall apart with everyone still on them.

>Flashback: A scene that inerrupts the present action to tell what happned at an earlier time.>The very first scene in the movie is a flashback to when Ben's grandfather tells him about the secret treausre.


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