National Impact of September 11th

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National Impact of September 11th

On September 11th, 2001 an airplane crashed into the North Tower of the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan. At 9:03, a second plane hit the South Tower. The World Trade Center towers, where up to 50,000 people worked each day, both collapsed.At 9:37 that same morning, a third plane crashed into the pentagon in Washington D.C. At 10:03, a fourth airliner crashed in a field in southern Pennsylvania. It had been aimed at the United States Capitol or the White House, and was forced down by heroic passengers armed with the knowledge that America was under attack.More than 2,600 people died at the World Trade Center; 125 died at the Pentagon; 256 died on the four planes.This immeasurable pain was inflicted by 19 young Arabs acting for Islamist extremists headquartered in Afghanistan.

The Impact!

1. Traveling around the US, or moving into it, became very difficult.2. The beginning and long term continuation of the War on Terror.3. The United States government began to take away constitutional freedoms and human rights by enacting new laws.

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The Story

Overall, the attacks of September 11th, 2001 changed our world for the worse.

Major Changes

National Impact of September 11th

The events of September 11th, not only took thousands of lives, and left a whole in the hearts of Americans, but it changed the country as we knew it. Travel became more restrictive, America went to war with much of the Middle East, and many freedoms were taken away!


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