National Heroes and Leaders

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National Heroes and Leaders


Marie Curie

Abraham Lincoln

Amelia Earhart

Vasil Ivanov Kunchev, known as the Apostle of Freedom, is a Bulgarian revolutionary, ideologist, strategist and theoretician of the Bulgarian national revolution, a personality who had a leading role in the revolutionary movements and struggles for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule. He was born in Karlovo, to middle class parents. In 1858 he became an Orthodox monk under the religious name Ignatius and was proclaimed deacon which later on inspired one of his nicknames - the Deacon. Being a democrat, a fighter for a “pure and sacred republic” and above all a fighter for a personal, national and universal freedom, Vasil Levski imagined Bulgaria as a democratic republic. He fought for the equality of peoples, for their political and civil rights, for democracy in their social structure. Levski is considered a symbol of the political and moral ideal of the Bulgarians.

Sir William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.Along with Andrew Moray, Wallace defeated an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, and was Guardian of Scotland, serving until his defeat at the Battle of Falkirk in July 1298. In 1305, Wallace was captured in Robroyston near Glasgow and handed over to King Edward I of England, who had him hanged, drawn, and quartered for high treason and crimes against English civilians.Since his death, Wallace has obtained an iconic status far beyond his homeland. He is the protagonist of the 15th-century epic poem The Wallace, by Blind Harry. Wallace is also the subject of literary works by Sir Walter Scott and Jane Porter and of the 1995 Academy Award-winning epic film Braveheart.

1. Do the tasks about each personality above.2. Tell us whom you are inspired by and why.3. Design your own Glog.

Brainstorm similarities and differences between Vasil Levski and William Wallace.

1. What is Amelia famous for?2. Why is Abraham Lincoln one of the greatest American Presidents? 3. When did Marie Curie get a Nobel prize?4. Create a mindmap about Cleopatra's life.

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    We live in the age of technology and dynamic changes. Students want to learn in innovative, not archaic approaches. In connection with the needs of my students, I decided to offer them innovative system of language learning, which combines inspiration and motivation, characteristic of the traditional classroom with the flexibility of online learning. Glogs are the perfect tools for challenging students’ curiosity, make them investigate and involve them in individual and group projects. For me it is an innovative approach to teaching English as a second language as the target is not the language itself but means for accomplishing different tasks. The training moves from abstract knowledge to its application in the real world which helps students meet their real needs. Besides Glogs help me implement social and emotional learning in the training process which is very important nowadays. Thank you , Glogster Team!

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    I completely agree with this point of view. I would add that Glogster is not only interesting and allows implementing innovative teaching in the classroom. Glogster is great for teachers too developing their own skills and improving knowledge. I liked the two glogs created by charlotte65 in particular for their educational purpose, interdisciplinary connection between History and ELT. The variety of tasks and the information which is provided allow the students to build a whole picture of a particular matter. They are explorers investigating a particular problem and at the end they should come up with their own decision. In such a way they develop their critical thinking and the ability to work with information all together with learning English.