National Geography Standards

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National Geography Standards

National Geography Standards 1-18 Melissa Hoppe

Standard 1: This map is used to report the changes in border cities that the U.S.- Mexico Environmental Program has made to better each part of the border lands, by interpretting the information gather by their progress and labeling each change for each city. Image Retrieved From:

Standard 2: This is a mental map that I was able to form through my interpretation of aerial photos of an unmarked route from Arizona into Mexico. The backgroud of the map was from the the Maps App on a Mac and the fore ground was created through my own mental images.

Standard 3: This map shows how the Mexican peoples have inhabited across the U.S., in other words it analyzes how they have spacially organized themselves. Retireved from:

Standard 4: The National Guard's presence along the U.S.- Mexico border is an example of political human geography.Photo Retirved from:

Standard 5: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife regions determined by the country to interpret the complexities of Earth. Retrieved from :

Standard 6: This is a cartoon made by a political cartoonist expressing his idea of the border land, and his opinion is influenced by perception of the area. Retrieved from:

Standard 7: This is the bottom of the Grand Canyon, it has been erroded over time by flowing water, well flowing a very long time ago. Retrieved from:

Standard 8: This is a photo that originated from google maps, it shows how the flowing water has allowed plants to become depend on its source and sprout it in are forming a perennial stream.

Standard 9: This is a map of Arizona created to interpret population patterns in the state of Arizona. Retrieved from:

Standard 10: This is a sysmbol so English Langauge Learners, they make up a large amount of school populations in Arizona, and there are so many types of ELLs in our schools and so they play a significant role in the characteristics of Arizona's population. Photo retrieved from:

Standard 11: This is a map of auto suppliers through out the U.S. and Mexico. Both of us have becom dependent on one another to supply automobiles and parts. Map retireived from:

Standard 12: This video shows the ease of crossing the border through Lukeville, Arizona into Meixco. It is a total opposite from crossing the border in the opposite direction. What this means for the system with in the city is that there is easy access for people to enter and bring revenue and items in from the US. Video retreived from:

Standard 13: This is a photo of an off shore oil rig made as apart of the U.S.- Mexico Transboundary Hydrocarbons Agreement, that created cooperation between the 2. Retreived from:

Standard 14: Shows the populated land growth in Nevada and the damage the population has caused the body of water, all effects of human actions. Retreived from:

Standard 15: This is photo of Arizona city after a flood in Arizona city, that has effected peoples access to their homes. Retreived from:

Standard 16: This image shows how farmers have used the land to their benefit by making their farm near Gila River; Retreived from google maps.

Standard 17: This map shows the migration inhabitants over time away from the rivers due to adaptation of lifestyle. Retreived from:

Standard 18: This a map of the Avondale area showing all of the elementary schools in the are which would be important for planning ones future if they plan on becoming a teacher, working in a district, or having children. Retreived from google maps.


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