National Geography Standards

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National Geography Standards

National Geography Standards

Standard 1: Using maps to report from spatial perspectives(29 Aug. 2012). Brazil and Climate Change. N.p. Retrieved from

Standard 3: Interpreting geographic patterns. This map shows the different density patterns in the united states. You can see that in all the states at least two or more population density occurs Keys-Mathews, Lisa. (2003, November 10). "Spatial Areal Patterns: US Population Density." Retrieved from

Standard 2: Mental map of my trip from home to work. This map was created by me.

Standard 4: The borderlands is a prime example of Physical and Human Characteristics of Places. The above picture is the borderlands between Mexico and the US. Miller, Todd. (2014. April 23)."Tracking a Marked Population in the US Borderlands." Tracking a Marked Population in the US Borderlands. The Nation,

Standard 5: using this same picture we can detrmine that the Country of brazil is a formal region.

Standard 7: This imagine is of a volcano that erupted in 1985. This Nevado del Ruiz Volcano is a prime example of how physical processes shape the patterns of earth's surface. (2010 April 23). Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Columbia. Retrieved from

Standard 8: The Characteristics and Spatial Distribution of Ecosystems on Earth's Surface ties into the same picture used for standard 7. Both tie into element lll physical sytems

Standard 9: This map displays little red dots, as populations in the unit area on the earths surface. As you can see there are some areas with alot of red dots, showing that the earths surface has a high population for its area. Socioeconomic Data and Application Center Retrieved from

Standard 6: I am not a fan of the treatment people coming from the border receive. My best friends family are all immigrants, so my way of thinking of it is different from others

Standard 10: I picked this picture because the diversity of the people in the photo. Standard 10 is about different charicteristics of earths culture. Retrieved from Arizona State University

Standard 11: Arizona and Mexico are interdependent. This picture show Mexican immigrants working in Arizona, but receiving poor wages. Arizona hires these immigrants but don't pay them enough because they are illegal. retrieved from Hawley, Chris. (2008, May 9) "Gridded Population of the World (GPW), V3." Gridded Population of the World (GPW), V3. Arizona

Standard 12: This is a settlement believed to be over 1000 years old. Over time the landscape had had some changes for mondern improvement.Karol M (2005, August 18). Taos Pueblo Retrieved from

Standard 13: This is a perfect example of division and control over earth’s service. This picture displays the border of the U.S and Mexico. (2014, March 13). Viralnova your stories delivered daily. Retrieved from

Standard 14: This picture shows the actions of humans and the modifications on the enviroment by creating a dam that is controlled by people. Retrieved fromNational geographics

Standard 15: This picture is of a house that has been hit by a landslide. all of the digging and building has caused the earth to collapse thus destroying the house. retrieved from New York News

Standard 16: This solar panel is used around the globe to conserve electricty and use the suns source to provide for people utilities. Roberts David. (2013, April 10) Solar panels could destroy U.S utilities, according to U.S utilities

Standard 17: July 20 2010 Tempe town lake received it's water because of a project done by a college class. Retrieved fromTempe Town Lakes

Standard 18: This picture of a turtle tell me that the eviroment needs to change. We can use geography to see where we are headed as a civilization, and from there we can plan better routes to take for our future. Good Kate. (2014, November 25) These Photos Showing the Animal Victims of Our Trash Will Make You Drop Plastic Like a Bad Habit! Retrieved from


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