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National Geography Standards

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National Geography Standards

This standard is all about culture. It explains the characteristics, distribution and cpmplexity of earths cultural mosaics. In the picture above I chose clothing as my cultural aspect. This shows the attire that you will only see in mexico.

In this standard it explains all about human settlment. This standard helps you to understand why people settle in certain areas. They explain the process and patterns to human settlement. This picture is of a city known for its different border settlements that are laid out with street patterns in different ways. This is very appealing to the eyes and could be why many poeple settle there each year.

In this standards you learn how physical systems can affect us. In this picture you can see area full of water because of a major flud. This damages many homes each year.The physical systems here in Arizona has forced many people to adapt in order to survive its harsh weather and climate.

This standard talks all about how humans modify the environment that we live in. As seen in this picture, over time we have created so much waste that areas in the ocean have become extremely toxic and unswimable. This is not only harming us but the place we call come also.

This standard talks about population geography and what it means. Population geography studies human population on the earth surface. Here in this picture I show how many Africans fled their home countries to live here is Arizona. This is one form of population geography.

In this standard we learn why corporate and conflict go hand and hand. It eplains how the forces of cooperation's and conflict among people influence the I division and control of earth's surface. This picture is of a hospital in between the border of Mexico and Arizona. The conflict with this corporation is that it gives aid to the immigrants trying to cross the border.

In this standard it really teaches you how to analyze a map. Interpreting geographic patterns is important to understand. In this picture I analyzed the border of Arizona/Mexico on the many deaths that there are. After looking at this map it makes a major impact and you can see the areas that there has the most deaths

This standard is all about mental maps and what they can do to help each person who uses them to understand geography. I made this map from the Burger King and then showing how I would walk across the border as a pedestrian. Doing this can and will help you understand and visualize maps better.

This standard explains the economical interdepedence that we have on one other. Also it describes the patterns and networking that happens all around the world. In the picture above I have an example of just that, Here is a picture of shoes being made in mexico. So many of our crops and products that we have are importad and without them we could not suvive.

This standard is talks about regional geography. People create regions in order to interpret earth's complexity. In this picture it shows a natural landform created by physical geography processes, but it has been recognized by people as the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau.

In this standard it explains Perceptions of Places and Regions. You learn about culture and how experiences influence people's perception of places and regions. In this picture yo can see the boarder of Mexico. Many poeple have different perceptions of what goes on there for many reasons.

This standard is about Resource Geography. It includes the changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution and importance of resources. In the circled area above we use the gold and lead resources in the rock. This changes the look of this once solid peice of rock and it shows the important of the natual resorse.

This standard explains the physical processes shape th patterns of earth's surface. In this picture you can see the smooth rock located in Arizona. This happens over time and is viewed as a pattern.

This standard talks about maps and other geographical representation. You are able to see the border very clearly and I think it would be easy for younger kids to understand. This standard teaches how to identify, access, evaluate, and use all types of geographical resources.

This standard talks about and explains the physical and human characteristics of regions. Examples of physical geography are water, soils, landforms, climate, and geology. Some examples for human geography are urban, transportation, economy, population, and cultural. The objective is to get students to understand the differences and picture examples of the two.

In this standard it explains the characteristics and distribution of ecosystems and biomes on Earth's surface. In this picture you see just that.

This standard explains how to apply geography to interpret the past. In the piture on the side it shows an old mining area and what they found when digging there.

In this standard you learn how to apply geography to interpret the present and plan for the future. This picture is of the Arizona department of

education. I chose this because every school has grown from the past. By looking at a specific school you can see the changes made.


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