National Geography Standards Part 2

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National Geography Standards Part 2

Standard 9

Standard 11

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Standard 18

This image illustrates the population in the US, it is interesting to note that the population near the US/Mexican border is very high. We must understand that the growth, spatial distribution, and movements of people on Earth’s surface are driving forces behind not only human events but also physical events. Source: APA Citation: (2010). US Population [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

Standard 10

One of the main descriptions of the borderlands is diverse. This deversity primarily comes in the culture. It is so divesre because you have the American culture meeting the Mexican culture and they are very different. This picture is of women from a mexican celebration celebrated in the Mexican culture. Source: Citation: (2008). Dancers [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

This image shows the railways that are in Mexico. It gives a good representation of the transportation systems in Mexico.Source: http://en.wikipedia.orgAPA Citation:

ihis is a city that runs along the border of Mexico. This cluster of people live together in order to have work together to survive. This city was most likely formed because of the huge influx of people going through the border every day.Source: APA Citation: (2008). Mexican Border [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

This is an image of a community of people protesting the drug war in Mexico. Wars and other disagreements between different places result in the earth being divided among different groups of people and resulting in different ways that the earth is used. Source: incandescere.comAPA Citation: (2012). Drug War [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

This is Falcon Dam. It is located along the border, and this is a man-made structure that controls the enviornment. It regulates the water flow that goes to the oppiside side of the dam. Source: www.whowillwinthe2012election.comAPA Citation: (2009). Falcon Dam [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

Earthquakes are one of the enviornmental hazards that affect the US/Mexico border. This image shows the highway that was damaged because of an APA Citation: (2009). Mexico Earthquake [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

One of the main natural resources that is collected around the United States-Mexico border is wind. This renewable resource provides a mass amount of power. There are also many mines that are used to collect precious metals. Source: APA Citation: (2011). Wind Energy [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

his picture looks just like a normal mountain range to most, but it is really an abandoned copper mine. This is only found by looking closely, and understanding the area of where this picture was taken. There are tons of abandoned mines along the Mexican-American border. Source: APA Citation: (2010). Abandoned Mine [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

Is all about you. You have the ability to change, and impact the future. It is now your turn to act and affect the world for the better. Everything you do has an impact. How will you use that impact? Here is an image of students planting a tree, planning for a better world.Source: APA Citation: (2010). Tree Planting Ceremony [Print Photo]. Retrieved from


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