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National Geography Standards Glog

National Geography StandardsBy: AnaLisa Ramos

Standard 1: Image/map of the US(Arizona)-Mexico Border. This image is showing migrant deaths. Source: 5: This is also showing that The US border and Mexico is a "formal region" and also a "perceptual region"Standard 15: This image is also showing how the physical environment is effecting those trying to come to Arizona because of the deaths.

Standard 2: This is a mental map of how to cross the border from Arizona to Mexico.Source:

Standard 3: Interpreting a map and how many Mexican born in the US. Source:

Standard 4: Physical Characteristics of Mexico-US borderands, specifially in Tucson. Source:

Standard 6: Experience of going to different places gives people perceptions of the place or region. Source:

Standard 7: This is a unique feature Arizona has called the Grand Canyon Horse ShoeSource:

Standard 8: In Arizona, a good place to see an ecosystem would be in the Saguaro national park. This is showing the sonoran desert. Source:

Standard 9: This is a map showing the percent of the Spanish language in the United States. Source: https:/Spanish_spoken_at_home_in_the_United_States.svg/2000px-\

Standard 10: One big concept of culture is food. This is one of Tijuana's main foods/deserts, freshly cut fruit. Source:

Standard 11: This is a map showing what countires the US trades with. Source:

Standard 12: This is an image of Phoenix, Arizona. It is the capital and a city in Arizona. This is where many people reside and work. Source:

Standard 13: Arizona and Mexico border are having trouble with both conflict and coorporation. They are having trouble with drugs and coorpoartion between Arizona and Mexico. Source:

Standard 14: This is an image of a canal in Arizona that is causing people to worry because it is not clean due to humans modifying the environment. Source:

Standard 16: This is a graph of the resource of water used in the state of Arizona. Source:

Standard 17: This is an image of what Arizona was in earlier years so that geographic perspectives can understand Arizona's past.Source:

Standard 18: This is an image of Aguilar Elementry school located in Tempe. This is a fairly new school showing that this is a present day building in Arizona. Source:



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