National Geographical Standards

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National Geographical Standards

National Geographical Standards

Standard 1 and 5 : I used Google Images to locate and explore the Mexico and U.S. Border.These two countries established boundaries to define their regions. Website:

Standard 2: Organizing and creating a mental map of my neighborhood in a spatial context.

Standard 3: I was able to research and find out about the transportation patterns between Mexico and the U.S. There are definitely certain areas where immigrants congregate and prosper the most. Website:

Standard 4: The border between the U.S. and Mexico is filled with shops selling food, clothing, and jewlery. The characteristics of this area are truly defined.Website:

Standard 6: Everytime I visit Tucson I witness a specific kind of culture. Cities closer to the border I have visited have shaped my idea of the lifestyle of that area. Website:

Standards 7 ' 8: Sand dunes are creating from physical properties on the Earth such as weathering and erosion. These processes shape the surface, provide characteristics, and give spatial distribution of the Earth's resources. Website:

Standard 9: The distribution and migration numbers of people leaving Mexico to come to the U.S. has developed patterns. Website:

Standard 10: Arizona especially and Mexico share distributions of culture, art, and characteristics. The mix of cultures is a wonderful world of creativity. Website:

Standard 11: Cultural and economic interdepence is a huge advantage for countries. Mexico and the U.S. are able to share a relationship where they can work together and help in times of need.Website:

Standard 12: There are systems and patterns when it comes to human settlement. In California over the years neighborhoods, freeways, and energy fields have been established.Website:

Standard 13:The conflict and cooperation of the U.S. and Mexico established regions. There are still issues today that cause conflict such as drug cartels, immigrants, and resources.Website:

Standard 14: There are many things humans can do to alter the Earth's surface. These actions can include creating buildings and adjusting the natural environment.Website:

Standard 15: Physical processes such as rivers have an effect on humans altering resources and land that is availiable.Website:

Standard 16: The distribution of resources between the U.S. and Mexico is a blessing for both countries. Water is a huge resource that is a priority for both countries.Website:

Standards 17 ' 18: Maps and aerial pictures can help us interpret the geographical past, present, and future. Arizona was once an entire agricultural landscape. We can also see the progress California has made with the many solar pannel fields. Websites: www.googleearth.com

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