national farmers alliance

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national farmers alliance

National Farmers Alliance

Who started the alliance?

What is the National Farmers Alliance?

The National Farmers Alliance was an agrarian economic movement in the late 1800's. It consisted of multiple differenct groups of farmers joining together to decrease debt, poverty, and low crop prices through education, economic cooperation and organizing, and asserting their power in electoral politics.

The Alliance was started in 1867 by a group called The Grange, or Order of Patrons of Husbandry. The alliance was later followed by groups such as:The National Farmers` Alliance (1880)The National Farmers` Alliance and Industrial Union (1875 – official charter in 1880)The Colored Farmers` Alliance and Co-operative Union (1886)The Farmers` Mutual Benefit Association (National order founded in 1887)The Supreme Association of the Patrons of Industry of North America (1890)The National Farmers` League (1890)

What were some troubles farmers faced?

During these times the farmers main concerns were the dropping prices of crop, as well as increased debt and interest rates. When the alliance was created two of its big issues were purchasing issues and marketing issues. Southern farmers attempted to band together to purchase equipment and supplies in bulk for price breaks to solve the purchasing issue while at the same time Farm prices had been declining since the early 1870s, which provoked farmers' increasing resentment of middlemen's fees. eventually the alliance grew to discover ways to bypass them.

What happened to the alliance?

In the end the alliance had short term success. When cotton brokers need for more bales of cotton increased, commodities brokers and railroads boy-cotted the Alliance which wound up breaking the alliances power. The alliance also relied on Republican and democratic parties which in the end proved to provide little support for the alliance. Although the alliance did not achieve all of its goals it gave way to the birth of the populist party or peoples party which essentially had the same demands as the alliance


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