Nathan's Nuclear

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Nathan's Nuclear

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Nuclear Bombs are so effective because the radition from the smoke stays around the city in the air the water or the ground. It will praobably help us in the future because there will be no smoke coming out of the power plants. By then we will be out of fossil fules.

biography for facts Dr.Timothy Coony 2006

You don't know where radition is because you can't see it,smell it, taste it, or touch it.This is why you need to have special dectors if you near a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power plants have ben in use for over 50 years.

In nuclear power plants, nuclear energy heats water until the water steams. the steam turns a water turbine that generates electrical energy. Nuclear energy dose not produce green house gasses and donen't cause global warming. It also dose not ploute the apsmhere, it dosen't cause acid rain.

Nuclear Energy

I chose nuclear energy to make this prodject because I really didn't know any thing about nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy gets energy by either splitting or combining adoms.


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