[2015] Karen,Jennifer,Anna Bonilla,Aldaco,Elizarraraz: Nathaniel Hawthorne

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[2015] Karen,Jennifer,Anna Bonilla,Aldaco,Elizarraraz: Nathaniel Hawthorne


• He wrote his first novel in 1828, "Fanshawe," but many people ignore it because it is published anonymously.• In 1850, Hawthornes noble, "The Scarlet Letter," is published. This book is an instant bestseller.• The year 1851, "Seven Gables and a White Whale," was published.• One year later, Hawthorne publishes another novel called, "The Blithedale Romance."• "The Marble Faun" was published in 1860 and 3 years after he published the book "Our Old Home."

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Go To The GraveGo to the grave where friends are laid,And learn how quickly mortals fade,Learn how the fairest flower must droop,Learn how the strongest form must stoop,Learn that we are but dust and clay,The short-liv'd creatures of a day.Yet do not sigh--there is a clime,Where they will dwell through endless time,Who here on earth their Maker serve,And never form his precepts swereve.-Nathaniel Hawthorne

-He chandged last name to hide his families dark past.-He also was the founder of Utopia.-He served as an American diplomat.-At the age of 4, his father died at sea because he had a really high fever.-His grandfather was a judge at the Salem witch trails.

-Hawthorne was born July, 4,1804.-The original name of his family was Hathorne, later on he added a "w" to distinguish himself from the history which included John Hathorne.-His father died at his age of 4 and his mother had to raise him.-His uncle Robert Manning helped finance his college education at Bowdoin College.-Hawthorne died May 19, 1864

Nathaniel Hawthorne



The Darken'd VeilOh, could I raise the darken'd veilWhich hides my future life from me,Could unborn ages slowly sailBefore my view--and could I seeMy every action painted there,To cast one look I would not dare.There poverty and grief might stand,And dark Despair's corroding hand,Would make me seek the lovely tombTo slumber in its endless gloom.Then let me never cast a look,Within Fate's fix'd mysterious book.-Narhaniel Hawthorne





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