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Nathan Cirillo

Nathan Cirillo was born on December 23rd in 1989. He was born in Canada and he was in the Canadian Army. He was a Corporal.

Nathan Cirillo

Nathan Cirillo was killed on October 22, 2014 (aged 24) In Ottawa well on duty watching the Parliament Memorial Monument and he was un armed during the shooting.

Nathan Cirillo had future plains to become a full-time soldier, he was in training, but it was just hard for him to do that cause he had worry about his 5 year old son Marcus who just stared kindergarden, Nathan was a full-time single father.

Another one of the major events that occurred in Nathan Cirillo's life was when he was 20 he learned to be a dad to his son Marcus.

One of the major events that occurred in Nathan Cirillo's life was when he was 13 he realized he wanted to be a soldier when he was older, so he join cadets to fulfill his dream.

What makes Nathan Cirillo a hero is that he was selfless and always put others first and he wanted to put his life out on the line for our freedom. What happened to him was terrible and shopuld never have happened. Nathan Cirillo will alway be in our hearts.

The main obstacles that Nathan Cirillo had to overcome was, he becaome a dad at a young age but that hardest part about it was his sons mom was not in the picture so Nathan had to step up and take care of his son by him self, when he had to go to his training to become a full-time soldier Nathan Cirillo's parents would step up and take care of his son. and his loving 2 dogs.

Nathan Cirillo accomplished many things but the main thing he accomplished was he showed people that no matter what happends in your life you can alway follow your dream and his was to be a solier, he wanted to do it for all the soliers who put there life out on line for everyone else and for his father who was also apart of the military, and now because of the terrible thing that happend it is now mandatory for all soliers on duty to have a weapon because Nathan was un armed during the the shooting that caused his death.



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