Natalie's Jamaica Project

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Natalie's Jamaica Project

Fast Facts - Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea. - The current population is 2.715 million. - Primary languages spoken is English and Patois. - Type of government Parliamentary Democracy. - Current leader of Jamaica is Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. - The Currency is the Jamaican dollar. - More than 62 percent of people are Protestant Christanity. - Major exports are alumina, sugar, rum, coffee, yams, beverages, chemical and mineral. Jamicia's export partners are the U.S., UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. Imports are food and other consumer goods, industrial supplies, fuel, and machine parts. Jamaica's imports partners are the U.S., Trinidad, and Tobago, Venezuela and Brazil.

TRAVEL GUIDEJamaicaCapital: Kingston

Columbus discovered the island of Jamaica in 1494. The Spanish

Map of Jamaica

Celebration in Jamaica

A typical meal in Jamaica is Ackee and Salt Fish, Jerk Chicken, Patty and Callaloo Escoviche and Rice and Peas.

Traditional Wear includes colorful and usually handmade dresses from calico cloth. Head scarf is carefully wrapped around the head to keep hair in place. Rastafarian-infulenced clothes are red, green, and gold.

"Must See" placesBob Marley MuseumKingstonMontego BayNegril BeachRio Grande RiverRainforst BobsledJamaica at Mystic Mountain, OchoRiosBlue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National ParkDunn's River FallsRose Hall Great HouseBlack River Safari Boat Tour and YS FallsFalmouthPort AntonioDoctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay



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