Natalie Walker's China Project

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Natalie Walker's China Project

Xi'An WallThe Xi’An Wall was originally built because Xi’An was the capitial city(?) and is the most complete wall that has survived in China. It was started in 618 during the Tang Dynasty. The wall and surrounding moat was even more protection from enemies and also created unity between other states. It took over…years to build because of its immense size and several small pagodas that were used as look out towers. The wall is 40 feet tall, 40 feet wide and runs for 8.5 miles. While in the past the wall was used to keep intruders out, now the wall is used for bike riding, shopping, and picture taking.

Huaqing Hot SpringsThe Huaqing Hot Springs were used as imperial bathing pools during the winter. Tang Emperor Xuanzong spent most of his winters at the Hot Springs with his concubine wife Yang. In ancient times, Yang was considered one of China’s most enchanting ladies and a statue of her can be viewed near the bathing houses at the Hot Springs. The Hot Springs were built during the Western Zhou Dynasty and is now a museum where people can go and see the extravagant bathhouses built thousands of years ago.

Famen TempleThe Famen Temple has over 1,700 years of history and was originally built in Northern Zhou Dynasty. It has suffered through weather and destruction. Even though it has been rebuilt many times, the temple keeps the same ideals. Because of the Sakyamuni Buddha’s finger that was found in the underground temple, the Famen Temple has become a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists. In 2009, an addition was added to the Temple to protect the Sakyamuni finger bone.

Bell TowerIn 1384, the Bell Tower was built in the geographical center of Xi’An during the Ming Dynasty. After 200 years of expansion in the city in size and population, the geographical center of the city changed. This meant that the Bell Tower was no longer the geographic center of Xi’An but to remedy this situation, the Bell Tower was moved 3,000 feet to its current place and now is located at the center. The Bell Tower was built to act as a clock that announced the start of the workday. Currently, the Bell Tower is used as a museum and has models of bells used in ancient times.

Drum TowerBuilt in 1380 during the Ming Dynasty, the Drum Tower was originally used as a timekeeper and a calendar. The drums in the Drum Tower were beat at sun set to announce to the city that it was the end of the working day. Also the drums were used to broadcast the weather to help the farmers with their agriculture. Now the Drum Tower is one of the favorite places to visit in Xi’An.



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