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natalie emerson

Hi my name is Ben Mikaelsen I was born on December 8, 1952. I have a 750 black bear that I adopted and have raised for the last 25 years. I went swimming with dolphines, flying over the north pole and I have been to South America.

Josh:cares for animals, he is brave because he goes in the woods by himself. and he makes a sccarifice by running away to save a bear cub.Libby: cares for others, she is smart because when her son Josh ran away she called the police and nieghbors.

Sam:Not really that smart becausse when his son Josh went missing he didn't really do anything about it. He cares for family his family otherwise. He is honest because when he accidently killed the bear cubs mother he said he did it.

Rescue Josh Mcguire

Hyperbole:I don't want every gopher and coyote knowing our business.Idiom:"She had to hang on"Onomatopiea:Loud, rythmic, clucking hummed.

THEMES Family because in the end Josh's family sicks toghther. Hoesty because people told the truth. Making a scarifice because Josh had to risk his life to save a bear cub.


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