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Natalie Babbitt

In 1977, the New York Times called Babbitt "Indisputably one of our most gifted and ambitious writers for children."

Natalie Babbitt: Author and Illustrator

Natalie Babbit was born on July 28th 1932 in Dayton Ohio. She is an American writer and illustrator.

"Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live."-Tuck Everlasting

Natalie Babbit has been a nominee for the biennial, international Hans Christian Anderson Award in 1982.

Her book Knee-Knock Rise, was awarded a Newbery Honor in 1971.Tuck Everlasting, published in 1975, was named an ALA Notable book.

Two of her books have been turned into movies: Tuck Everlasting twice, in 1981 and 2002, and The Eyes of the Amaryllis in 1982.

In addition to her own writing, Babbitt has also illustrated a number of books by Valerie Worth.

"Mrs. Babbitt creates a plausible world and peoples it with believable humans, but the most satisfaction comes from the pleasure of her company as she effortlessly takes the reader in velvet-gloved hand to point out life's coincidences and near misses."-New York Times

In 2012, Babbitt was awarded the inaugural E.B. White Award for achievement in children's literature by the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

“But it's enough, just having this day. It's the knowing there's something different, something special up there waiting. It's the knowing you could choose to change your days--climb up there and throw yourself right down the throat of the only and last and greatest terrible secret in the world. Except you don't climb up.” -Kneeknock Rise



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