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Nat and ally


Have you ever wandered how the Mayans math and numbers worked?Becuase nows your chance to dive into the deep end of Mayan maths!

The Mayans where the first people to come up with the subject if zero. Their zero looks quite similar to the zero you know today, it looks like the normal one but squished down into a oval. There are many layers in the Mayan number system like the first layer a dot equals 1 and a line equals 5 whereas in the 6th layer a dot equals 3200000 and a line is worth 16000000.

On each layer of the system the dots are multiplied by twenty every to get the next dot in the oncoming layer. The same thing happens to the lines on every layer. The maximum amount of dots and lines on each layer is three lines and four dots before you would need one dot on the next section above. This carries on for ever leaving you with endless possibilities for numbers. You can use more than one layer for a number at a time if you couldn't you would never be able to make all the numbers possible. Also their are no decimals or negative numbers in the Mayan system this makes money a whole lot more simple.

Addition or all operations use the same symbols that we use today though they probably named them differently but we cannot say for sure because no one in the planet today can still speak their wonderful language. Look underneath for an example of Mayan addition.

Fun factDid you know the Mayans completely disappeared with no trace and there is no proof for people to back up their theories of what happened to these people!

Look above See if you can work out this question



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