Nashville Sit-Ins

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Nashville Sit-Ins

Goal: To integrate eating establishments, allowing coloured people to be served.

Some stores and eating establishments would not serve coloured people. In others, the coloured and white people were segregated, and would not be served if they were in the wrong section.

The turning point of the sit-ins was on April 19th, when the house of Z. Alexander Looby (the protestor’s defence attorney) was bombed. Afterwards, the protestors marched to City Hall, where the students held a prayer session. The mayor changed his opinion to the protestors’ side, because the violent attacks of the white “agitators” were getting worse.

~Coloured people that sat in the white people’s section were asked to leave, and if they did not, sometimes force and unnecessary violence would be used. ~The first time violence was used was on February 27th, when a group of white “agitators” attacked the sit-in. This ended in the arrest of 81 protesters and zero of the “agitators”.

Facts~February 13th, 1960 to May 1960~in Nashville, Tennesse by the U.S. Civil Rights Movement~leaders: Diana Nash, John Lewis, and James M. Lawson, Jr.

The Nashville Sit-Ins

Shortly after, stores and eating establishments began to desegregate. This course of action was an example for other cities and future civil rights movements.


By: Jessica Hill


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