Nasa Spinoff Andover MA

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Nasa Spinoff Andover MA

What Spinoff Technology does it use?The Jumping Jacuumuses the NASA Autonomous Stairclimbing technology which was used in a robot created by the

What does it do?The Jumping Jacuum can clean your whole entire house, climbing the stairs to reach the top floor!

How does it work?The Jumping Jaacum has six wheels and a gear in the back that lifts the robot up the stairs. The wheels move the robot forward and the gears then move the robot up the stairs

Make your World a Better Place with a Spinoff

What is a Spinoff Technology?Spinoff Technologies are products and services developed by NASA, which you base another product off of.

How does it make the world a better place? The Jumping Jacuum makes the world a better place by making it easier to clean your home. It climbs stairs saving you more time and cleaning more floors


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    i dont think it is a real problem that people have trouble solving

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