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NASA Contest

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In many areas of the world, wildfires are a major problem. Wildfires take a very long time to put out. This is partly due to the fact that firefighters can't spend too much time exposed to smoke.However, we have designed a device that will greatly extend the time a firefighter can spend putting out fires by protecting them from smoke inhalation. The device consists of an airtight helmet, which is attached to a heat resistant pack that contains an ion exchange membrane electrolysis unit (SCOR technology) to recover oxygen from carbon dioxide. In the event that the system fails, the pack also contains an oxygen tank.With this device, firefighters will be able to spend much more time putting out wildfires, which would vastly decrease the amount of time it would take to put them out. This will also decrease the chance the amount of time the fire has to spread, and in turn, damage forests and properties.The biggest obstacle our group faced when designing was choosing a suitabe design.

Spinoff Technology- Commercial products or services that are developed using NASA technologyOur group has decided to utilize Spacecraft Oxygen Recovery (SCOR) Technology.SCOR utilises various methods, such as carbon dioxide electrolysis, to recover oxygen from carbon dioxide

Some existing solutions to our problem include using oxygen tanks and limiting the amount of time a person is exposed to the smoke.

The solutions we brainstormed were:Clearing the smokePreventing a person from inhaling the smoke Extending the amount of time a person is able to be exposed to the smoke

Winning Sketch<<<<<<<<<<<

Unfortunately, we were not able to construct a working prototype due to the lack of proper materials. Therefore, we were not able to connduct any tests or get any data. However, we were able to construct a model of the device

Our design is durable, functional, doesn't weigh too muchHowever, it is not as cost effective as we would like it to be.

Model of device shown on a mannequin

Materials used in model: bike helmet, cardboard box, straps, straws, and splash guard.

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