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JSC PSTI 2014Otejri R. / Week 1

My Overall Experience

Rocket Park

Two words to describe this JSC PSTI experience would be inspiring and humbling. I was going to apply to this institute, but unfortunately, it was too late; the deadline had passed. Downhearted, I believed that the Lord had closed this door this summer, only to realize that he was opening the back one for me instead.Starting the online session was a very new experience for me, but I learned a lot. I remember first logging on and showing my parents. We thought it was such a cool resource and so beneficial. The weekly posts and assignments were great. I did not feel like I knew the people by the time we met, but I did feel like we all had something in common. It was nice to have conversations to talk about over something funny that may have happened during one of the online sessions. It was also great to finally put faces and personalities to the names I would always see online. The assignments were very well planned and executed; however, due to the sometimes much confusion, there still could be room for improving the various tasks. Another huge benefit of the online sessions was being able to hear from others with the same career path and read their thoughts and ideas of similar concepts.The face to face somewhat made everything reality. We finally got to see Ms. Susan in person, as well as many of the other speakers we encountered online. It was so cool to be able to interact on a personal level finally. The online sessions definitely helped make the face to face easier for me. It put me more at ease on what to expect and it also prepared me. The face-to-face experience I encountered has been such a blessing. Having been involved with this great administration previously, I know what an honor it is to be apart of any program they have to offer, whether it’s for college students, middle school students, or educators. Speaking to some of the NASA employees and touring some of the facilities are truly once in a lifetime events. The information I received at JSC NASA has more than motivated me to spread my newly met resources and experiences. All the exposure to everything NASA has to offer for education was overall eye opening. I am determined to share this with every STEM teacher I encountered because the resources are just that great! Every time I step foot on a NASA center, I learn something new and exciting; it never fails.

DLN Studio

Discovered PowToon!

Mission Control

Space Museum

''Failure is not an option.''

Here are a few of the awesome people I met!

JSC is composed of many interesting buildings that hold a plethora of educational opportunities. My favorite facilities were Rocket Park, the Space Museum, and the DNL Studio. Rocket Park displayed rockets, but of course, these weren’t just any rockets. I could see myself using the various dimensions and geometrical shapes to conduct many math lesson dealing with surface area, volume, and much more. The DNL studio provided me with an awesome involvement as well. The creation of our educational videos was such a great experience as a future educator that not many people can say they have done. I will truly cherish that video, and I cannot wait to use it in the classroom and pass it on to my colleagues. Space Museum was a very educational place that kids would just love – from being able to actually “touch” a piece of the moon to seeing life like replicas of living in space.



Learning about the different layers of our Earth! Marshmallows, Peanuts, and Raisins. Which food item do YOU think will float and/or sink?

My very own water filtration system!

Learning about someone ''sole''ly based on their shoes!

Before Face-to-Face


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