Nasa Glog (OPSPARC 2017)

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Nasa Glog (OPSPARC 2017)

Spinoff Technology Spinoff technology is technology that was originally created for space purposes. People use these spinoffs to help make everyday tasks easier.What type of Spinoff technology did you use for your project?The spinoff that I used for modification is the Inteligent Optical System.How does this spinoff work?The spinoff is chemically sensitive. Depending on the type of chemical present, the system sends off an alert.

Original Spinoff

Final Sketches

Spinoff Technology

Creating ASpinoff


The spinoff technology that I have decided is a food scanner which decides if a food product is still healthy for consumption. Many imports around the world take a long time to transport inside the country, so they use chemicals to keep foods from rotting.Healthy foods sometimes can loose their nuitrients and proteins. Although not all foods are healthy, the scanner can tell you if it is "O.K" to eat. For example, most believe ramen noodles contain wax, with the scanner you can tell the chemicals in the food and if it is healthy for consumption.

Cons:-Two pieces that come with the product-Not easy to travel withPros:-Don't have to insert into food-Has four different type of scans-Any sizeModification:-make it scan with one scan

Modification:-Made the length and with smaller-lower the height of screen-Made the scanner circle smaller

Materials for build:-card board-aluminum foil-Light-Construction paperProcedures:-cut out cardboard to create a box -cut out colored buttons -add a flashlight inside a cut out hole on the front side of the box.

A solution that already exists is a scanner that informs you of how much nuitrient are in a certain type of food.


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