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Narwhals can grow to be very large. In fact, females can be13 Ft. Long, males 16 Ft. long, and babies 5 Ft. long. Narwales can also be very heavy. Females are around 2,000 pounds, males around 3,600 pounds, and babies around 175 pounds.


The structure on a narwhals head, that sets them apart from other whales, may look like a tusk or even a horn, but in fact it is an overgrown tooth. Don't worry though, because it doesn't hurt them, being just a natural formation. A narwhals tooth can grow to be 10 Ft. long! Though a narwhals tooth is amazing, not every narwhal has one. Most males do, but only 15 in 100 females, 15%, have a tooth.

During the duration of my reserch, I found that there are around 50,000-75,000 narwhals in the world. I also found that even with their relatively small population, they are not technically endangered.

An interesting fact about narwhals is that they change color as they age. Newborns are blue-gray, juveniles are blue-black, and adults are mottled gray. Another fact is that their tusk (tooth) may look sturdy, but it is actually very flexible and can bend an entire foot before breaking.

Narwhals, being toothed whales, eat squid, fish, shrimp, and other small marine amimals. They eat their food by sucking it into their mouths and chewing it up.

A very interesting fact about narwhals is that one ounce of their skin contains as much vitamin C as a pound of oranges. Another fact is that no narwhal lives in captitity, because it would take a massive ammount of energy to cool a tank, big enough to house them, to tempatures like there are in the Arctic.

READ LAST:Extra Facts:1. Narwhals migrate around 1000 kilometers from the deep cold ice packs, to the warmer shallow waters of the coast. It is there where they have their young.2. Narwhals can swim an amazing 25 MPH under the water. That is fast enough that they can go all of the way to the ocean bottom and back up without a breath!3. Narwhals do not sing, but make clicks, squeals, and whistles to navigate and communicate.4. Narwhals can hold their breath for 7-25 minutes as they descend to depths of up to 1500 meters.


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