[2015] Zach Kittle: Narwhals

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[2015] Zach Kittle: Narwhals

Physical decription-Narwhals can range from 13-20 ft long and up to almost 2 tons-An adult narwhal is gray with white, green and brown speckles - Most narwhals have one ivory tusk, male tusks can grow to 9 feet long

Habitat-Narwhals are found from Atlantic to Russian waters of the Arctic -Known to Tavel from northeern Canada around Greenland to get to eastern Russia-Narwhals very rarely stray far from the ice

Where They Live-Narwhals can be found in northern Canada and Greenland as well as eastern Russia -Sometimes narwhals will find their way into deep fjords and estuaries-Narwhals are threatened because they are hunted for their ivory tusks

Narwhals by Zach Kittle

Habits-Migration pods range from 12-20 narwhals-Narwhals feed on the the bottom of the sea, they dive on average 800 m (.5 mi.), but can go twice that deep-Narwhals create a sort-of vacuum and suck up their food which includes squid, Greenland halibut, shrimp, Arctic cod, rockfish, flounder, and crab. Narwhals only have two vestigial teeth

Interesting Facts-Narwhal means "corpse whale" in Old Norse-The tusk of a narwhal is really one of the two teeth that a narwhal has but it grows through the upper lip- On rare occasion, some narwhals will have two tusks or none at all


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