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SizeMale narwhals can get up to 16ft. and weigh 2 tons.Female narwhals can get up to 13ft. and weigh 1 ton.Baby narwhals can get up to 7ft. and weigh 175lbs.

DietNarwhals will eat, squid, Greenland halibut, shrimp, Arctic cod, flounder, and Rockfish crab. Narwals are baleen so they will swim a little slower than toothed whales.

Speed and DivingNarwhals can hold their breath underwater for 20 minutes.Narwhals can dive down 1,500 meters

Population CountThere are 45,000-50,000 Narwhals in the world.They are not endangeredand live for about 50 years.

Habitat and RangeNarwhals can be found in the arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia.

Fact:In medieval times narwhal tusk would be passed off as a unicorn horn.

Fact:A narwhals tusk can bend about a foot before breaking.

Fact:Only males and 15% of females have tusks.

Fact:Narwhal skin has vitamin C in it.

Fact:Narwhals can't be kept in captivity because they will die.

Fact:The name narwhal means corpse whale because it will float belly up for several minutes.

Fact:Narwhals share many physical characteristics with the beluga whale.

The underwater unicorn


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