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Narrow Your Search with These Hot Topics

Savings & Loans

Credit & Debit


Narrow Your Search with These Hot Topics


TIP: Want to get your taxes done using old fashioned paper and pencil? Stop by the library for the forms you'll need!

Dreaming of four wheels or a college dorm? Here's tools to help you figure out how to finance it!

Security codes, ATMS, and interst, oh my! Start your search for credit and debit information here.

Search tip*Try some of these key terms for a narrower search:-Affinity Card-Annual Percentage Rate -ATM -Charge card-Check card-Credit Score-Debit card-Gold and Platinum Cards-Interest Rate-Introductory Rate-Secured Card

Search tip*GIve some of these subject headings a shot in the library catalog:-Automobiles – Purchasing-College costs -- United States-Consumer education-Education, Higher -- United States -- Finance-Loans, Personal -- United States-Saving and investment-Student aid -- United States-Student loans -- United States

ResourcesSiteSaving For CollegeThis page provides you with the tips and resources you’ll need to start saving for college. Links give you access to a list of savings and loan options and a calculator to help you figure out what needs to happen. VideoSuze Orman: For the Young, Fabulous & Broke (2005)This DVD from renowned financial expert Suze Orman explains the woes of debt that stems from student loans. Orman not only explains financial pitfalls of the young, but also how to successfully get yourself back into good financial standing. A great video to prep you to deal with difficult financial situations.

ResourcesCredit Card calculatorThis free tool on lets you play with interest rates, balances, and minimum payments to get a better sense of how credit works. Use this tool to figure out if having a credit card is for you. What’s My ScoreThis VISA site is dedicated to giving teens the information they need to make good choices about credit. Site features include downloadable resources, a weekly updated blog, and a thorough Q&A section that will answer common questions and clarify terminology. A great place to start learning the ins and outs of plastic.

Wondering where that chunk of your paycheck has gone? Is April 15th fast appraoching? Here's some tips and tools for finding tax info.

Rags to riches, here we go! Get searching for the info you'll need to make decisions that could make you millions!

Search tip* The library subscribes to TONS of great magainzes and newpapers that'll give you the most up-to-date info on what's happening on Wall Street. Try limiting your search of the library's catalog to periodicals, or take a stroll through that section to see what jumps out at you.

Search tip*If you're searching the library's catalog, or even a major search engine like Goggle, try using truncation keys likes "*"For example, searching "tax*" will also search for "taxes," "taxing," and "taxation."

ResourcesBook:Tax for Teens by Stephen RochfordThis how-to guide will step you through the basics of paying your taxes. The book clearly explains the process and provides LOTS of examples to show you how to get through tax season. Definitely keep this one next to you if you’re DIYing them.Site Teens and TaxesThis educational page on the Ohio Department of Taxation site explores a variety of tax topics. Whether you’re interested in how taxes are applied to your everyday purchases or you’re trying to figure out what to do with that W-2, this is the place to go for reliable info.

ResourcesBooks:Investment options for teens by Tammy GagneThis graphical guide will get you to think to the future. According to the author, the sooner you think about topics like homeownership and retirement, the better off you’ll be. With the help of this book, you’ll learn the kind of investment skills that’ll prepare you for what’s to come. Street wise: a guide for teen investors by Janet BamfordWant to get investing right away? This practical guide will familiarize you with all the terminology you’ll need to know and give you plenty of tips for making smart investments. Bonus: other teens discuss their experience with the stock market and what’s worked for - Tips For Teens – InvestingThis subpage off of provides great resources to get started with investments. It outlines risks, benefits, and some of the most common ways you can invest. Use this site to learn about your options.

TIP: Don't forget., not all credit score managment tools are free. If they're asking for a card number, odds are you'll be charged after a free trial. Make sure to read all the fine print.

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