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Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay - The day my best football season ended.It was a drizzly, gray windy day and the thought of having football practice in these conditions had us all hyped up, me especially. It was pure fun to slip and slide in the mucky green brown turf. The rain driving hard against our helmets and making the ball so slick it would pop up and out of your hands and splash to the ground sending mud splattering over those diving to recover it. Oh don’t get me wrong it was challenging to try and carry out plays that had won us the last 5 games but it was FUN. I loved playing football I had played for the last two seasons and was having the best season yet. I had stats that were top for a high school running back. We were headed to the district championships for the first time in three years and this practice was just as important as any other but the new plays were good on the play sheet but needed to be worked on the field, rain or shine.The field smelled like a swamp when it rained like this and mixed with the sweat filled adrenaline of 20 plus teenage boys well it was to me a heavenly scent. The smell of football! We scrimmaged for a while then coach ran a few drills for the offense. I being the quarterback’s number one go to guy was following the QB’s plays and working my magic cutting left and going inside for short yardage then going long sprinting down the field tippy toeing on the sideline till the ball found my hands and I tucked it and took it down into the end zone. We ran a few plays then returned to scrimmaging to see the plays in action with me taking the first ball cutting left turning to go inside and the D-line scattered and a hole opened and I was going for it I could feel and here the slap, slap, slap of my cleats and as they fought to find a hold in the mud soaked field I lowered my head to gain the speed and BAM I was flying sideways through the rain it pelting me in the eyes as my face looked to the heavens and my body began the decent to the cold, muddy terrain and then the pain. Where did that d-end guy come from? I was down and tried to rise up and then…………in the dry sterile room of the hospital I awoke to PAIN and my arm hanging from a crazy looking trapeze. All I could see was the tip of my fingers and all I could hear was NO football for the rest of the season.

The Worst Day of My Life

"Smell of Football"



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