Narrative Essay Guideline

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Narrative Essay Guideline

A narrative essay is an essay where the author tells a story to the reader.The story can be about the author's personal experience or a self-created story.

The author is the one who writes the story.


What is it?

What type of 'tense'?

Past tense can be used in your narrative essay if you are telling a story about an experience or a story that has happened.For example:I was walking to the school when I saw a sick cat.Present tense can be used in your narrative essay if you are telling a story about something that is happening.For example:I want to help the sick cat, so my mother brings it to the veterinarian.

A veterinarian is an animal clinic

1. What is your story about? Decide on a plot. 2. What is the first event in your story? 3. Then, how do your story get from the first event to next events until the climax? What happens before the climax? 4. Next, what is the climax? What is the surprising event that happens? 5. Now, what happens after the climax? Tell your readers the answers to the questions that occured from the beginning until the climax.6. Is the conflict of your story solved in the end? What happens to the characters? Is it a happy ending? What has the main character learned in the end?

Let's get started!

1. Have you decided on the plot? Now, take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. You may start writing your story.2. Have you finished writing your story until the ending? Now, sit back, relax and read the story. Jot down anything you want to add in your story on the same piece of paper.3. Are you satisfied with the story? If you are not, you can revise and edit again until you are satisfied.4. Done? If you are sastified now, you may want to proofread your story. 5. Finally, you may write the complete and final version of your story. Don't forget to proofread again before allowing the readers to read it!6. Congratulations! You have written your own story. Share it with your friends and family.

Step by step

When you proofread, check for any technical mistakes such as spelling and grammar.

It's playtime!

1. Get into a group of 2 to 3 people. Discuss with your friends on a story. Now, write down the rough plot of the story. The plot must consist of 1) at least 2 events before the climax, 2) the climax itself, 3) at least two events after the climax, and 4) the ending of the story. 2. Now, based on the plot, write a 350 words narrative essay. Make sure you proofread the essay when it is done.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:1) write the rough plot of a narrative essay that consists of at least 1 event during introduction, 1 event during the climax, 1 event for resolution, and 1 event for the ending.2) write a whole narrative essay which includes at least 1 event during the introduction, 1 event during the climax, 1 event for resolution, and 1 event for the ending.

Learning Outcomes


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