Narmer (Menes)

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Narmer (Menes)

In 4000 B.C Egypt was separate in two halfs, lower and upper Egypt. About 3200 B.C Egypt got new king who came on the lead. That kings name was Narmer. At th 3100 B.C he united upper and lower Egypt and made one big, new kingdom. Ater that, King Narmer wanted to change his name and became King Menes. By the end, he had many batles. Some of them were against Syrians and Libyans.


4000 B.C upper and lower Egypt3100 B.C united Egypt3400 B.C fight with Syrians and Libyans3407-3364 dawn of egyptian civilization

4000 B.C Egypt was seperate in upper and lower Egypt.King Narmer at 3200 B.C starded leading Egypt.King Menes united upper and lower Egypt in one new kingdom big Egypt.On the end king Menes beat Syrians and Libyans.

Lasting Impact

King Menes united Egypt and it's still together as one.

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King Narmer(Menes) by Srdjan



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