Nargis Cyclone a horror story

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Weather and Climate

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Nargis Cyclone a horror story

Nargis Cyclonea horror story

What kind of Disaster Was This?

The Nargis Cyclone was a cyclone A.K.A a tropical storm. They can also be called a hurricane or typhoon, depending on the region it hits.

Where and When did this Natural Disaster hit?

The Nargis Cyclone hit May of 2008. This natural disaster originated over the Bengal Bay and traveled 991km to Myanmar (Burma).

How did the Event Immediately Affect the Land, People, and Climate?The cyclone caused harvests to be destroyed, and heavy rains to fall. 95% of buildings were destroyed, and over 1,000 temples fell.

Why did this Event Happen?Cyclones occur after a wind storm comes in contact to a rain storm, over tropical waters.

What are the Long Term Effects of the Nargis Cyclone?The cyclone caused $10 billion worth of damage. Thousands of children were orphaned, and many deadly deases were spread. Income was lost, and rice industries were destroyed. In total 138,000+ people died or were unaccounted for.

What Have People Done to Prepare for Future Cyclones?Many places have begun to install air pressure sensors in homes and work places, to detect high pressure weather systems, so in the future they will know before it happens and be able to evacuate.

The Nargis Cyclone over the bay of Bengal

The damage in Myanmar

Air Pressure sensors

Myanmar orphans

Myanmar before the Nargis Cyclone

Did This Effect the Climate?It had an increase in extreme weather.


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