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Parents:River god Cephissus and Nymph Liriope Symbol: Narcissus flower

Narcissistic personality disorder was named after Narcissus. It is when one has complete focus on themselvess and the belief they are the center of the universe. It has been described as "a self-love that shuts out all other loves."

When Narcissus was born, his mother Liriope asked the prophet Tiresias if Narcissus would live a long life. He responded, "Yes, if he never knows himself." The prophecy was fulfilled once Narcissus met himself and died as a result.

The Narcissus flower

Narcissus, son of Cephissus and Liriope, was, according to Greek mythology, the most beautiful man on earth. His physique was perfect to the point where even the god Apollo admired him. But in contrast to his appearance, his heart was hideous. He scorned all possible suitors, male and female, and believed he himself was the only person worth loving. One day, a nymph named a Echo fell in love with him. She had been cursed by Hera to not be able to speak for herself but only to repeat what is said to her, hence the word echo. When Echo revealed herself to him when he was sixteen, he rejected her. She slowly faded away from her heartbreak. Nemesis, goddess of revenge, then cursed him to look at his own reflection in a pond and fall in love. He stayed, staring at his reflection until he died of starvation. A beautiful flower bloomed where he died, and the nymphs called it Narcissus.

Alexis Garzon as Narcissus


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