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1802 - Declared Emperor of France 1810 - Married Marie-Louise1811 - Had a son who later became King of Rome1814 - Went to exile on the island of Elba1815 - Escaped exile and led his army to the Battle of Waterloo where the suffered a loss.1821 - Napoleon died

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio , Corsica, France on August 15,1796. He attended many colleges. The first was the College of d'Autun, then Military College of Brieene, and lastly the Military Academy Paris. His carrer consisted of being a military general and emperor of France.He accomplished many things throughout his life such as becoming the first emperor of France and he insituted the Napolenic Code!Unfortunatley his life came to an end in St.Helena ,United Kingdom.


He was elected consul for life and two years later proclaimed emperor of France.Napoleon married Marie-Louise and they had a son who later became the king of Rome.He came into the good graces of the Directory in 1795 after he saved the government from counter-revolutionary forces.

Lasting Impact

Napoleon loved the people of his country and when he died he knew he left them with a strong an effective government to build on.


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"I am never angry when contradicted; I seek to be enlightened." – Napoleon


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