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Childhood:Napolean Bonaparte was born in 1769 in Corsica(an island on the West Coast of Italy). He was the son of a poor noble. Although they were not wealthy, he was very educated. When he was very young, he attended the French Military academy. As he became oler, he slowly woked his way up in his position in he army.



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"Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools."-Napolean

As soon as Napolean had a good position in he army, he quickly defeated Austria with his advanced war tactics. He then immediaely took on an Italian compaign. Through this,he made France into a nation of power. Napoleon decided that his next goal was to capture china and everything between it for France. In 1798, he invaded Egypt. In order to do this he allied with the mameluke rulers. However, Admiral Hoatio Nelson traped Napolean and his troops into Egypt. Luckily, Napolean escaped to Paris. He was embaressed to tell France what happened so he lied and said that they won and that he left his army to supervise(when really they were all killed). Then, in Saint Dominigue, a slave rebellion began. Becuase of this, Napolean lost many more soldiers and a ton of money. In order to gain back the money lost, he sold the Lousianna territory to the United States.

What was Life like during this time?France was a nation of power. They had a major global dominace. Napoleon wanted to imperialize as many countires as possible fo France. Therefore, he made it his goal to conquer the world.

Napolean had a positive affect on the entire world. Because of him the coalition nations began. This is the starting point of global unification. Also, he helped spread the feeling of nationalism. He helped imporved living and social conditions and helped change military tactics.


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