Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

Being the Emperor would grant him fame and strength because since young had he admired great figures.

Reasons Napoleon became an emperor

capitalised the situation to dominate the consulate- bounding his interests to the many powerful people in France- the landowners- who were afraid of their land being stripped again due to the revolution. By creating a new constitution that gave them power, he was ensured support as leader of France.

The French were in agreement with Napoleon's idea that for a great nation the only salvation lies in hereditary power. He had long perceived the neccessity of hereditary power because he believed that it is not very long to advance with any developments unless ithe ideas are passed down.

BIOGRAPHYBirth date: 15/8/1769(Ajaccio, Corsia, France)Death date: 5/5/1821(St. Helena, U.K.)Occupation: military leader, political leader, emperorEducation: College D'autun, Military College of Brienne, Military Academy of ParisTakes power on 9/11 and 10/11 (18&19 Brumaire, An VIII) at Chateau de Saint- Cloud

Interesting facts about Napoleon-At his death, it was told that Josephine, his first wife, was said to be the love of his life- along with France and the army. -He introduced the buttons on the sleeves of jackets.

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Map of the French Empire

Giovanni Paissiello- Mass for the coronation of Napoleon

All you need to know about Napoleon Bonaparte


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