Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Insource citiationsPortrait of Napoleon (on top left corner)- Napoleon on horse pointing (on right)- of Josephine (on left)- riding horse (on biography summary)- on throne (background)-

All about Napoleon Bonaparte

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Legacy of BonaparteAfter Napoleon died, many countries who defied him inherited concepts of his civil code in their legal structures. His image among the people of France and the world around him proved that history is made and remembered long after you are gone. He was famous for his ambitions and a famous symbol of revolutionary change.


Biography-Napoleon Bonaparte was born on a small island part of Italy named Corsica in August of 1769. Graduating military school in 1785, he accomplished his career in the military earning him his place as first consul of France. In 1804, he crowned himself emperor and pledged to restore France's government and society. He built up the military to be strong and conquered lands all around him. His rule ended with the Prussians and British victory of defeating the French and Napoleon. He was exiled to Saint Helena and died March 5, 1821.

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Napoleon Bonaparte

AchievementsNapoleon strived to make France a powerful country under his rule. He had many accomplishments due to his determination. 'There are three main accomplishments Bonaparte's known for and the first being the creation of the French Empire. His military was known for being successful on the battlefield and conquering lands. He was a military genious. He also restored France financially and established the National Bank of France. And last, he ended the violence that the Revolution caused. Giving the peope what they wanted, he granted them liberty and equality within the Napoleonic Code.

Timeline of Napoleon✓August 15, 1769- Napoleon was born in Corsica ✓ May 18, 1804- Napoleon crowns himself emperor of France✓ March 20, 1811- Son is born by his new wife Marie-Louise✓ October 19, 1812- Army retreats from Moscow and faces a deadly winter✓May 4, 1814- Forced to give up throne and exiled to Elba✓March 20, 1815- Escapes Elba and returns to France starting the 100 days he has to rule again✓June 18, 1815- Defeated in Waterloo by Prussians and later exiled to the Island Saint Helena by the British✓March 5, 1821- Napoleon dies on Saint Helena

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