Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was the first monarch of France that had the title of Emperor since Charles III.He installed himself as First Consul.Napoleon had 7 siblings; 6 were younger than him and one was older than him.In 1779, Napoleon was enrolled in a religious school in Autun, France to learn French.After he graduated in 1785, he became positioned as second lieutenant in La Fère artillery regiment. He married Joséphine de Beauharnais after he had broken off his engagement to Désirée Clary.Shortly after they married, Napoleon left Paris to take control of the Army of Italy.


1769- Napoleon is born1794- Imprisoned1795- Promoted to the General of the Army of the West1786- Given command of the French in Italy1801-Avoids an assanation attempt1804-Crowns himself Emperor1815- Defeated in the Battle of Waterloo1815-Napoleon is exiled to the island of St.Helena and dies there

Napoleon had a well organized government going on in France, and he made sure that there was no chaos.His Napoleonic Code was very effective.He ended the French Revolution.Napoleon created a French Empire.He constructed schools that allowed everyone to receive an education.

Lasting Impact

Napoleon changed the map of Europe.He did the abolition of the Holy Roman Empire.He spread the French Revolutionary doctrines.


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Napoleon Bonaparte

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