Napoleon I

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Napoleon I

Role During The Napoleon Era

-Napoleon became emperor in 1804.-By 1808 he was master of Europe except Great Britain.-He was very organized, he could handle military affairs and civil ones without help.-He invaded Russia and was driven back. He lost 1/5 of his soldiers because of the harsh winter and insufficient supplies.-Paris was then taken over and Napoleon was exiled to Elba.

Significance of Napoleon

-If napoleon would have taken over Europe, he would've did good unlike Hitler and others. -He created a model for dictators later.-He was first seen as an outcome of a revolution but now as a dictator.-Napoleon was an example of an effective lesson on personality and politics.


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Napoleon I.By, De'Vion Green

My Thoughts

Life Before The Napoleon Era

Life After The Napoleon Era

- Napoleon is a native of the island of Corisca-He went to French military schools in Brienne and Paris.- Fought in French revolution.-In 1793 he was promoted to brigadier general.

-After Napoleon was exiled to Elba he somehow found his way back to France.-He bacame emperor again but was soon stopped and exiled to St. Helena where he died.-Then came the Congress of Vienna where the Principle of Legitimacy came about.- Monarchs and Democracies replaced Napoleons government.

I think that Napoleon has effected the future of France a lot. If he hadn't have became such an over-powered emperor then the Congress of Vienna most likely wouldnt have happened. this would mean that they would still have his form of government. If Napoleon would've took his approach to power differently the whole outcome would have changed. The throne could have been his longer. His government also could've lasted longer. Europe might have been under his complete control if maybe he could have been more patient. There's a chance that if he had just a little help all of Europe and other countries could've been his.


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