[2015] Daniel Lee (4th Earth Science 2015): Nanotechnology

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[2015] Daniel Lee (4th Earth Science 2015): Nanotechnology


What is Nanotechnolgy?Nanotechnology is the practice/study of manipulating atoms and molecules or anything within the size of a nanoscale. Nanotechnology is still pretty new to the society but over the past decade, nanotechnology evolved from coating items to prevent them from staining to creating microscopic robots to help our bodies.

What Is Nanotechnology Used For?There aren't many things nanotechnology is used in currently, but there are a tons of things that nanotechnology is going to be used for in the future. Currently, nanotechnology is used for making clothing, equipment, and objects stain proof. In the near future, you might start seeing news headlines saying something like "Cancer cured with Nanotechnology" or "Now Water Pollution Doesn't Exist Thanks to Nanotechnology".


What Are The Downsides of Nanotechnology?There are many downsides to nanotechnolgy but hopefully, scientists are smart enough to destroy them. But there are some downsides that we may not be able to avoid. One of the probelms is that once nanotechnology becomes accessible to the public, terrorists and and crinimals may be able to manipulate nanotechnology to attack us. Another probelm is that our body will get too dependent on nanobots and will not be able to function as well as before.

Why develop Nanotechnology?We need to develop nanotechnology because of the many possibilies and advantages we will have. It's in the human nature to gain better control of matter. Just by developing nanotechnology, we can solve many of the probelms we have currently; such as being able to supply clean water globally and healing and healing and preserving the environment.


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