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``Progress in robotics requires constant innovation in the engineering of nanomaterials´´( , 2015), this means that to advance in terms of robotics, the best solution is using and developing nanomaterials,these are the key of our new generation and we need to develop them if we want to progress.


We can define nanomaterials as the resources used in nano technology but what is this exactly? For most scientists, nanotechnology means for them the study and control of materials with scales below 100 nanometers and quite often they make a comparison with a human hair, which is about 80,000 nanometers wide.

We know nowadays this product it is very demanded by disabled people and it is very useful for them to cover their needs and make them feeling as other people, but why don´t we go far away using nanomaterial? These resources are the answer to make disabled people feel as they were born again with all the parts of the body and feeling what they touch. So this completely reaffirms the importante of nanomaterials in technology and the necessity of them. But nanotechnology also can be used in medicine, little materials going inside patients to take them out tumours or blood diseases

Here we can see a video of Cambridge University were we can hear a complicate but brief explanation of nanomaterials(YouTube, 2015)


Think about it, if we are able to do these nanomaterials and develop them to use them in technological products, we will have access to infinity of ideas and advances that would make our lives easier or will help us to do things that we have never realised. Now I am going to focus on a robotics legs, this is a product that everyday disabled people want it because of their needs.But also we are going to see the importance of these materials in medicine

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