Nanking Massacre

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World War II

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Nanking Massacre

NanKing Massacre:

The Eights Stages to the NanKing Massacre (The Rape of Nanking)

Stage 1:


There weren't many symbols used other than their flags and military uniforms because anyone who was not foreign were targetted that time.

It was organized by the sub-parts of the imperial army from promises made about all the women they could rape and things they can loot.

The Chinese Prisoners of War, Chinese females, and helpless civilians were targetted.It was essentially Japanese vs. Chinese

Stage 2:


Stage 3:


Stage 6:

Stage 7:



Stage 5:

Stage 4:

Stage 8:

The Chinese were viewed as 'lesser beings' because they surrendered and women who were raped were deemed 'unfit to live'.




Not much was prepared other than some times separating victims for torturing.

This genocide occurs in the six weeks after theJapanese captured Nanking, the former capital of theRepublic of China, during the second Sino-Japanese war.


The StagesofGenocide

The Japanese only broadcasted their utmost hate towards the Chinese along with how they were weak, skittish, and all the qualities which Japanese people find unfavourable. There were also tales which antagonized the Chinese.

The Chinese were killed in many different ways, some which includes: Burying their own familes, used as target practice, disembowlment, etc.

No apologies were made to the Chinese. In 1986, the Japanese Education minister claimed that it was just a part of the war. In 1991, the

The Japanese uniforms were much more imperialistic than the Chinese

Ministry of education censored the number of Chinese killed. In 1994, a veteran said that the Nanking Massacre was just a fabrication. In 2006, the prime minister made a denial speech about the genocide


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