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Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez was born in January 6, 1957, in Torrance, California. When she was 8 years old, she started playing golf and with the help of her dad.When Nancy was 12 years old, she won the New Mexico Amatuer award and won the U.S girls championship twice (1972 1974). When she was in sophomore year in collage she turned into a professional.She was named player of the year 4times and won 48 victorys.In 1982 she married baseball player Ray Knight and had 3 daughters.Nancy Lopez retiredon 2002.


1956 - Born1964 - Learn golf1968 - Won first tournament at 12 1978 - Became a professional golfer1978 - Rookie of the year and Player of the year.1982 - Got Married.2002 - Nancy Retired.

1. She is the only LPGA to win the Rookie of the year and Player of the year award in 1978.2. She was named "Golfer of the Decade" in 19853. She was inducted in the PGA World Golf Hall of Fame in 1989.

Lasting Impact

Nancy Lopez is important because she is a Hispanic golf player. There was not many Hispanic ladies playing golf.


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Nancy Lopez



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